We have all heard of the ‘4 hour work week’, escaping the 9 to 5, and living the dream of total freedom. For many, these notions appear synonymous with two contrasting assumptions. Either millionaires at an exotic location sipping cocktails watching their net worth grow, or conversely internet scam agents at work ready to pounce on your hard earned dollar.

Ten years on, since Tim Ferris popularised the dream, the digital landscape is flooded with so-called ‘entrepreneurs’ living the laptop lifestyle. But in reality, is it just a bunch of ‘wantrepreneurs’ selling us an air guitar? Here is where many immediately get it wrong.

The problem with the digital business terrain is similar to what many have experienced with the historic pyramid schemes. The ambitious (impatient) aspiring entrepreneur focus too much time on themselves; what do I need to do? How do I position myself? How do I market myself? All tied to – How do I get rich the quickest?

Life at a resort for the laptop lifestyle

Stuart Ross tells us that successful entrepreneurs have become successful by connecting with people and providing them with more value than currently in the market. It’s the action of serving others and solving their problems first and foremost. Revenue then becomes a natural byproduct of the true value extracted in the process.

The Unique Opportunity

Many will join ‘get rich quick’ schemes in the desperation of wanting to join the digital nomad movement and sip margaritas in the Bahamas. Ironically, this only making someone else rich in the process. The more conservative type will often limit themselves to not being enough of an expert in their field or claim all the good ideas are already taken.

What separates Ross from other internet marketers is that he teaches creating unique value rather than promising unrealistic earnings through another generic approach. What this means is we can all use our individual interests, experience, understanding, and passion to tell a story that truly connects with others.

What does success look like?

Society has taught many of us that success is synonymous with financial wealth and materialism. However, in the entrepreneurial world, many set out in search of freedom and achieving the ability to ‘do what we love’ for a living. This is the holy grail of success.

However, the most common oversight is that value and success are two sides of the same coin. The single phrase ‘the value (and success) is in the journey’, emphasizes why an entrepreneur doesn’t need to be an expert to get started.

Digital entrepreneur on boat looking to sea

Think of a boat on at any stage of its voyage with a destination to mastery. This boat is you and the voyage is your passion. As it moves forward it forms awake in the ocean and within that is all your knowledge, experience and expertise for your passion. Irrespective of where you are on your voyage, there will always be some ahead of you, but there will certainly be others just getting started. It is likely many of them are just like you, that would greatly appreciate the value which you can offer to assist them on their own voyage. Furthermore, since this is your passion you sail choppy seas, weather the storms, and remain relevant by increasing your unique value proposition.

With this approach in mind, let’s say an amateur photographer sets out to live their dream. A huge range of income sources could be generated from;

  • e-commerce and selling favorite accessories
  • writing product reviews or ‘how to’ blogs
  • Recommend photography courses
  • Earn royalties on content through a multitude of online outlets
  • The digital opportunities are limitless, all while living their own passion

So you see, with billions of people on the internet every day, online business is booming for those who choose a digital lifestyle. Although entrepreneurship remains popular, we do not have to fear oversaturation as individuals offer a unique market proposition with passion. Seeing an opportunity for entrepreneurship in a busy market often means a change in perspective and shedding a limiting belief structure.

What is your passion and value that you could share with others?

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