We live in a time where the middle class is fading. It’s apparent that the rich are getting richer and the poor are becoming poorer. But it also seems like even regular people are now struggling too, right.

 Can you relate? Are pretty well educated, have a reasonable career, and have a good income, well on paper at least. But still often struggle to get ahead and sometimes even it feels like you’re going backward? This video, I am going to share a gift I recently just come across. I personally think it’s an incredible resource that offers choice and possibility. 

The change in global wealth has many factors, which are for another discussion. However, a strong belief I have is that the world has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades but the vast majority of the population is grasping a traditional approach for employment and income. 

My question is if you could choose which side of the fence you’d rather be on – getting richer or becoming poor which side would you be on? …And following that, would you still choose to do something different than you’re currently doing if were to ensure that outcome? 

Evidence shows that if you are part of the majority you will say yes to doing things differently in order to grow your wealth, but also that you are highly unlikely to actually follow through. 

I’ve always been a huge advocate promoting the idea of starting a side hustle based on your passion and really committing to the first step. Just look at Parallaxxapprel.com, I started this through my passion for kiteboarding to prove it… But this approach is fundamentally flawed. Because what we can see is that people are generally too busy being busy to actually take the time to discover their, or even a, passion. At best maybe an interest, but being interested doesn’t usually offer enough creditablity to start a side hustle from. I’m into cars, but if I suddenly became a mechanic, would you bring your car to me to fix? Maybe not.

I came across a new author to me Chris Guillebeau while listing to a Lewis Howes – School of Greatness interview. Chris talked about his new book “The Money Tree: How to find a fortune in your own backyard”  This is honestly the best resource to date I have come across for anyone feeling disempowered or stuck in life right now due to financial worries. And I am sure there is a lot right now in the current climate! 

It’s such a powerful book because it not only contains all the steps in achieving a side hustle and laying a path to additional income streams, it also normalises the fear and failures that are enviable and necessary on the journey to success through a fictional narrative. There are so many great takeaways and learnings that have been very cleverly conveyed through the story. One of my favorites early in the story is illustrating how success is not in the outcome but actually becoming the person required to be able to achieve the desired outcome. 

I am going to skip a full book review. Because I am sure there are plenty available, and if you are committed you will prefer to spend the time engaging with the actual content than a poorly rehashed version of it! 

Click here to get your copy from Amazon https://amzn.to/3aTdFCl

Better yet – start an Audible 1 month trial for free and you get 2 books included at no charge. If this one book was enough to cancel and be grateful for the life-changing insights for FREE.