Have you found yourself online a whole lot more lately? Maybe you have clicked on a sponsored post talking about some online opportunities? And as a result, now being targeted by what appears to be more scams than opportunities.

This blog covers why 2020 might be the year of online scams, and a perspective that will help you recognize YOUR opportunity when it does arrive. 

To set the record straight, I personally perceive there to be a far greater amount of legitimate opportunities available than true scams out there.  The accusatory phrase ‘it’s a scam’ is generally used for the following three categories. 

  • Where someone has invested money into a program but was not able to make it work themselves. Most commonly due to not committing enough time or effort to it or just simply not following the prescribed steps – ‘SCAM’. 
  • Multi-level-marketing schemes where a stay at home mum, someone showing desperation or anyone else without a clue about how attraction marketing works is signed up. They join with the expectation that everyone else will be sold as easily as they were. However, due to the lack of skill and credibility required to succeed the offer is considered a ‘SCAM’.
  • Those individuals that never learned how to market online, so they get there leads by creating ‘reviews’ on legitimate platforms and opportunities to then label them as a ‘SCAM’. When you scroll down the page, of course, they have the perfect solution for that it totally ‘trustworthy’. Ironically, it is this that is more likely to be a scam that includes training further unethical business practices. 

This morning I received a Facebook friend request from a handsome European fellow. He looked well to do with this flash car and fancy photos. After a few lines of receiving forced small talk, I asked him how could I best serve him right now? 

To cut a long story short he was pushing a trading platform onto me that I did not want or need. The desperation evident and I felt for the guy. So I offered some advice, the same advice I give when mentoring that follows the principles of attraction marketing;

‘Create lots of free value online, build trust and credibility. Illustrate the problem your solution is solving and that it is already working for many people. These actions will have people coming to you and asking you to sell them what you have! This much easier than cold calling, selling to people who have no need or are not interested in what you are pushing’

His response was “please do not insult me sir” – I let him be on his way. 

Now was this a scam? I don’t know. Maybe. However, in these times of desperation, there is no doubt we will experience an influx of these kinds of interactions. For those who did not prepare themselves for this kind of scenario, who are struggling for money and without much  option – pushing ‘quick cash’ and ‘rich quick schemes’ become an appealing offer. 

So will 2020 be the year of unprecedented online scams, probably not? But will there be a whole more people trying to push whatever their thing is on you? – absolutely.  

In Summary, there is always heaps of opportunity. Even if they do seem a bit weird, they probably aren’t a scam but more likely just poorly promoted. If you do decide this is a line you want to take, please don’t ever buy into it from a place of desperation, and especially not desperation to make the earnings promised. 

A more resourceful approach could make the commitment from a place of learning and education. If your success is tied to growth, then you are guaranteed to succeed because, no matter the outcome, you will for sure have learned something in the process!