How many people do you think are actually living their ideal lifestyle right now? Furthering that thought, I wonder what percentage of the population actually knows what their ideal day would even look like?

The pain vs pleasure model tells us that people are more often willing to avoid pain than move into pleasure. This explains why it often takes hitting breaking point before a turning point is reached for a new direction in life.

Do you find yourself idealizing for more out of life, but probably a little too comfortable to really take action to make it happen? 

I certainly know it was true for myself up until I finally achieved close to a multiple 6 figure income with all the perks of an international tech company, but I couldn’t be any further from happiness. That life destroyed me but forced a change that provided an unimagined trajectory that still amazes me daily. 

In 2019 I started investing in myself. It included personal development from mindset to education. I wanted to secure my ability to be at ‘cause of my life not effect’. It took courage to spend on these things I had never previously invested in especially without any certainty if the actual value would be rendered. 

The only thing I will mention here is that there is a reason you will never find anyone disappointed by investing in themselves first. 

A big gamechanger was learning about the digital economy, and given the climate of 2020 I am so grateful I can move through the situation with total confidence as a result. At the time $8,000 felt like such a large amount of money, now in retrospect, it’s inconsequential given I have a secured income even when it feels like the world has shut up shop. 

As much as the community continues to teach me in immeasurable amounts, I will forever be indebted to giving back and being a part of it to pass along the same ladder I was given to achieve my successes. I recognize my own accomplishments now by the true desire of seeing others achieve their goals and on occasion more than my own. 

What is more, the community has scaled in such a fantastic way and through economies of scale, the training that cost me $8,000 is now being offered for $100. No gimmicks, limited time offer, tricks, or fine print. Its simply 100% value and nothing less. 

In fact, it even has a 30 day back guarantee that is encouraged to be taken advantage of! If money is tight right now, take advantage of this by replacing your Netflix time with the tools required to build something awesome. Then in 30 days, get all your money back and keep what your have learned and created! Seriously, it’s a no brainer. 

Check out, my mentor, Stuart talking about it here. The webinar is about 25 mins long and I trust that is will bring so much value to your current situation.