Today’s message is specifically for those of you that have created a career job, a life that you are pretty happy with, and now are ready to take it to the next level! It’s about really creating your ultimate ideal average day that is full of meaning and purpose and that is built around creating a legacy. 

The live video below is a candid beach walk moment where I share the story about the initial foundations of how the Parallaxx brand came to be, along with the steps I took along the way to make it happen. 
At the end of the story; for those of you that this does really resonate with and are committed to doing, but not quite sure where to start – I want to make you an offer.

This is not a sales pitch, there is nothing to sign up for or need to need to pull any money out. All I ask is that you gift yourself some commitment in saying yes to creating positive change in your life, and stepping into who you need to be!

Check it out below.

“….so I moved to Bali, it’s been great. After a lockdown, the past months have been focused on walking on the beach, doing yoga, meditation, socialising; going out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks. Going on adventures and living ‘the life’.

But there is only so much ‘living the life’ that one can do before it’s like ‘hmm, what’s next? We gotta do something more.’ 

I remembered my purpose was, right at the beginning, what it still is, why I created Parallaxx, what I do everything that I do; Is to inspire others. Create that change. One of my big values is F**k mediocrity. Non-conformity. Let’s create the life that we want to create. Life the best that we possibly can. It’s scary. It’s difficult. It’s challenging. But it’s the most rewarding thing that we can do than just unconsciously drifting, not creating much”. 

So what I decided was to give away 5x coaching packages to those who really want to commit. That fits the description in the video. The response was amazing and we created new lives as a result. 

It was so successful, I am committed to offering pro-bono discovery sessions (free), normally valued at $199 to continue our purpose in creating change, inspiring, and enabling others to create their best lives!

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