So many people in this space talk about products they would love to have or even need that would make their business and lifestyles better. Maybe it is that the items don’t yet exist, not easily available, or it could be that there are similar items but doesn’t fit the exact use we need it for?

Well here is your space to express what this item is! Take this opportunity to dream up and put intention to that thing that would change the game for you. And what I mean by changing the game could be something extraordinary, or similar something small which makes a significant impact in a specific moment.

Watch to the end of this video to find out how you can get involved and get your hands on this product you are dreaming of! 

As many of you already know, I founded Parallaxx Apparel as my first online business. Parallaxx means when you change your perspective on objects, objects appear to change. This I felt was a really powerful message to share how we experience and create opportunities in the world. 

For the past years, Parallax has been a water sports apparel brand as my passion has been kiteboarding for many years. We have created some really cool water sport accessories like surf ponchos that provide a private changing room anywhere you go, change mats that protect your expensive wetsuit from being stomped into the ground and having all sorts of debris sticking to it. More recently, cut-proof action socks so no more sharp rocks and bleeding cuts of oyster shells, etc when shoes are not appropriate. Check out the Parallaxx Accessories here.

These simple yet significant creations have brought a community together under a united inspiration of expanding perspective to get the most from life. 

Parallaxx is now changing. The vision and perspective has expanded. Parallaxx is opening the community up to more than just water sport enthusiasts. 

Parallaxx Apparel is to become an adventure apparel brand. We stand for Adventurepreneurship to build lifestyle businesses with meaning & purpose. 

To celebrate this new direction, we will be launching new adventure product lines driven by what the community would love to see & use. 

So if you resonate with this message and want to be part of developing something unique, you would love to see your product idea brought to life and feel you can be an amazing contribution to Parallaxx as a brand, I personally invite you to reach out. Use the chat or contact page to get in touch!

I cannot wait to connect & explore this opportunity together! Speak soon.